Thursday, August 19, 2010

WTF America, Wake up and smell the Stench!

Why the fuck do we even bother!
   The STENCH, I am referring to, is the stink of immigrants that is festering in this country. I have for years, been  a supporter of stricter laws against immigration. I think today was the straw that broke my camels back. Like most Americans today, we are feeling the pinch of the horrible state our economy is in. With that in mind, we, like many Americans have had to resort to help from our state. By that I mean, Social Services, or to many, Welfare. We signed up for it many months back, and since then, most of the family has received medical cards, food assistance, and whatever else they could help us, which by the way wasn't much. Well, this again, was months ago, and I myself had not received my medical card, nor any word of it. So today we made the journey down to Social Services, and immediately I felt out of place. Why? Well for one, we were the only AMERICANS in there. Out of 100 people in there, we were the only white people. Not because there were alot of African Americans, but because it seemed that everyone in the waiting room was either Somalian or Mexican!!! Every sign on the wall was written in 3 different languages, and each counter had a sign for interpretation services available. Already my blood was boiling, I mean this help is supposed to be there for AMERICAN citizens in times of need, but yet there were no Americans there except for us. Fortunately our case worker was very helpful, for the most part, by informing us that most of these people didn't even hold citizenship. Now wait a minute, you mean to tell me, that most of these people don't even have citizenship,but yet here they are benefiting from our services? What the hell is going on? From what we were told, they not only get to live in our country tax free for so many years, but they also get free medical, free food stamps, free money every month, free housing, free schooling, and some of them even get SSI! What on earth are our leaders doing? How can they let this happen? And why are they wondering why our economy is in the shit house? Well isn't it obvious? Our economy is so bad, because we give our money and services away to immigrants. So WHY, is the big question I have. Why give them all this help, when for one, they don't believe in American values, they force their beliefs on us, most of them HATE, and I do mean HATE America, and Americans. We have illegal immigrants on national TV, stating they are illegal, and no one arrests them. There is no deportation, and no legal action taken against them at all! What I really cant understand, is how we, as Americans stand by and let this happen. Have we become so numb to all this or so scared of our own government, that we just sit back and watch it all down and let it happen. I know there are thousands if not millions of Americans that feel as I do, yet do nothing. We let criminals, terrorists, and those who wish to destroy our ways, come into this country and mock us, laugh at us, and abuse our way of life, and then just sit back and do NOTHING! What has happened to us, what has become of the American spirit. Why do we sit back, and watch these hateful, despicable, and disgusting immigrants come here and spit on us and our way of life. Have we as Americans become pussified? That's right, I said pussified
   I guess the really big question would be, what can I do about it and what can you do about it? Well for one, stop buying products from them, stop going to the little corner stores for cigarettes and drinks. Stop using cabs and use public transportation instead. Most important, is voice your beliefs, to your local congress, your local leaders. Vote for those who share your thoughts and values. You do realize we vote for our politicians, right? Instead of making the same mistake we did with Obama, use your head. Voting for someone because he is black, is just stupid. He made alot of promises he couldn't keep. We were fed lies, and we just ate it up. Stop voting for people who look good in a suit, or have the same religious beliefs as you. Start looking at track records, if you see someone has voted against things like, oh, i don't know, free money for immigrants, they are probably going to vote against it in the future. Its not racist to say fuck them. Its smart! We have enough problems of our own. We don't need more mouths to feed. Alot of Americans don't even realize the gravity of the situation. Most don't realize that they come here, illegally, have a baby here, then move back. Or the fact that they come here and work, and send all of the money home, because of the value of the American dollar. Or that they come here to got to college for free, then go back to their country to live and work, because the education system in their own country sucks. I say we have a military power for a reason, and we should use it. Want to know how much damage a  particular bomb does, use it on those bastards. Maybe if we did something of that nature, they wouldn't come here. Sure they might hate us, but how would that be any different than it is now? Lets see, if you have neighbor who you cant stand, in fact you hate them, you despise them. Would you go to a cook out at their house if you were invited? My guess is that your answer would be a big fucking hell no! So why would these people come here if they hate us so bad? Again, are you that ignorant? It is because of all the freebies they get. Of course I understand, if your are legal, you do have papers, then it is all good. But the truth is, we give these benefits to those who are not legal. What I don't understand is why? I feel as if those who help these illegals should be fired, and brought up on charges. Wouldn't that be the same as stealing form our government. I mean your taking money that is not yours, and giving it to someone who isn't even supposed to be here.
    I could go on and on, and get into more details about the facts, but hey, your reading this, which means you have Internet access, maybe you should use it to do some research, and see what is going on in this country of ours. Or is it theirs? I just done know anymore. I do want to share one more story with you. I feel it is a good example of how they abuse our system, and steal the food from your mouth and the mouths of your children. We went grocery shopping the other day, and as usual we were in line behind some Somalian bitch, with more food than we can eat in a year. When the total came up, it was over $600 in groceries, so it came time to pay, and when she opened her wallet up, she had more credit cards than I have ever seen in my life, I swear to you she had at least 20 credit cards. Visa, Master Card, Am ex, she even had a Diners club card, Sears, Walmart, the list went on. Not to mention, she had what appeared to be over $1000 in cash, so what does she pull out, you guessed right if you said a fucking Food Stamp Card. WTF???? It was all I could do to keep my mouth shut, which of course I didn't. I bitched and complained so loud, that she was shaking when she handed her card to the cashier. Why was she shaking? Not because of some illness, it was because she knew what I was saying was the truth. That she had all that cash, and all those cards, but yet she had a food stamp card, why, because she can, and she knew it. They all come here, get all this help, and then call the whole tribe back home and tell them how to fuck the system over. So they do, and who gets fucked, we all do, with higher taxes and over inflated prices. Canada is looking better and better all the time. Hell even Mexico is looking good now, since no one is there, because they are all fucking here!
   It is time we took a stand for what we believe in, to take stand against those who abuse our system, a stand against those who wish to destroy us and our way of life. For fucks sake, if you hate us so bad, then stay the fuck out!
   This is a link I found that has alot of information and news stories from around the country, about the same bullshit that I have talked about. It is really amazing to see the middle finger stuck up to us, when we say get out illegals! I thought it was very symbolic about how they feel about us. In any case, you should at least check it out, get informed, and then take stand, if not for yourself, then for your children, for your friends, for your country.
    I also want to say, that I am sorry if I offended you with my rant, unless your an immigrant, then in that case, GO FUCK YOURSELF, instead of fucking us!
   And by the way, I still don't have medical. Fucking immigrants!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

How much did you say that cost??

   If you have read our other post about our little mishap with our old car, you would know that we received a substantial amount of money from the insurance company. Now we didn't get millions of course, but lets just say we got more that the car was worth. Instead of blowing the money on frivolous things, or other nonsense, we took the money and of course replaced our car. We decided to use all the money to get a car that was well worth it, a little newer, and what we both liked. We found a great car, which we both loved. It was well below book value, and in great shape. Once we test drove it, we instantly fell in love with it.  Now it was only a 2003 model, but for us, that was new, and it drove like it too. But isn't that the way it always goes. Needless to say, after a month or so of owning it, things began to happen. Somehow the evil car gremlin had found its way back to us. It started one day with the trans-axle or transmission. It began to make a rattling noise when the clutch was disengaged and out of gear. Then the front struts began to go bad, then the clutch, then the back shocks, and now the trans-axle again. Oh!, I almost forgot, the rotors are now warped. It would seem the car gremlin had been busy at work, while we peacefully slept in our bed, dreaming of racing, and cruising in the new ride. As we filled our heads with visions of sleek rims and tires, leather seats and a pearl paint job, while we cuddled closely in bed as our brain projected these thoughts and images, and feelings of excitement and content. The damn gremlin was up to no good, destroying one critical item after another. Ripping the visions and feelings of happiness and triumph from our fragile dreams and hopes. We come to the realization, that you can not escape the car gremlin, no matter how hard you try. But, as horrid as the gremlin is, as mischievous and unemotional he can be, we realize that is just how he is, that is his purpose. Too destroy cars, to ruin them and break things you didn't even know existed on or in your automobile. That is his nature, that is what he knows. So I guess you cant really blame him for doing what he does, cause that's who he is. Deep breath..... The true evil ones, the true masters of broken dreams and broken spirits, are the repair specialists! Oh..., you know them well, you know, the "Experts". Hell, they may even hire or somehow coax the gremlins into doing what they do, just so they can offer you their "Expert" advice or "Expert" services. Some try to trick you, by calling themselves " Mechanics", or "Car Care Specialists". These guys, or girls, are the real threat, the true harbingers of misfortune and terror. I guess you could say, the real terrorists are, "Al Carda", and not Al Qaeda. I bet "they" even got to Bin Laden. You must have been in the presence of one or more in your life. You can easily spot them when you bring you vehicle in for one problem, and they tell you that there are dozens of problems, or they fix the problem, but somehow it still exists, and they fix another problem, and yet it is still there. The repair or fix fifty things, until they finally get it, and try to charge you for the whole thing. They are also the ones who charge you triple or quadruple the actual price of the part, and then charge you to put it in! They are also the ones who tell you what the problem is, in some alien language, that is incomprehensible to the human brain. " Well Sir, we need to replenish the No. 5 blue dyed methanol mixture, into the manufactures specially designed container, so that it may travel through the delivery system on your car. That way your forward silica preformed protective visor can be cleansed of any foreign matter that may hinder your ability to drive, and we need to charge you $30 dollars for the special solution, and $50 dollars to have one of our specialists inject it on to the specially designed container." Now for those of you who do not understand the "Language" they use, that pretty much means, we have to put windshield wiper fluid in your car.

   My new concern now, is with today's economy, and the complicated design and technology of newer cars, is how much will these type of repairs cost us. It used to be that cars were easy to work on. Nowadays, you have to have a degree and a super computer to fix many of the problems cars have. With companies like Toyota and others, one has to wonder if these problems are created purposely by the manufactures, to put money into not only their pockets, but the pockets of parts manufactures, and the pockets of the repair "specialists". Why not, crazier things have happened.
   The real craziness is, is that we continue to spend our hard earned money into the pockets of all of them, not by choice, of course! So while our dreams turn into nightmares, and our "hopes" turn into "hope nots", we do it. We do it, because we have to, so we can go to work, take the kids to school, shop for food and clothing, and to just enjoy the thrill of the drive. But that doesn't mean we have to go without a fight, and one way of doing that is to use one of our best resources, the Internet. Be smart, and check the Internet for DIY causes and solutions to common problems, you'd be surprised by how much information and help is on the net. Another great thing about the net, is you can always find great prices on parts and tools. Almost all the time, you can find the parts you need cheaper than what the parts store want, and definitely cheaper than what a repair specialist would charge. The only draw back to that, is some repair shops wont use parts other than theirs, or they will not offer an as good,or no warranty at all on the work, since your not using their recommended parts. So, like anything, it has its pros and cons. So you have to use your knowledge and common sense. Shop around, and do your research. Be sure to check out any parts supplier and repair shops with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Always read the warranties, and especially the fine print.
   Now I have to get my holy water, garlic, silver bullets, and wooden stakes ready, for our next visit to the repair shop.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter, or so we are told!

   Well Easter is upon us once more. Which for many, means Easter dinner with family and friends. For the rest of us, it means, screaming children wired on sugar and candies. It means over $100 worth of candy gone in 60 seconds. It means the cleaning of messes made by kids wound up on at least a pound sugar, that is contained in all the Easter goodies. It also means, that as the adults, we are responsible for getting dinner ready, cleaning up all the messes, and keeping all the kids wrangled up into one area, just to keep things sort of in control. Well, we all know the reality that is truly Easter.
   Luckily for us, today we will be going to a relatives house. So the cooking, the mess, and all the chaos, will be at someone else's house. Which means to us, that we can relax a little bit, and leave the hard work to someone else this year. It also means we can leave when we want to. So when things get to the point when there is too much craziness, we can pack up the troops and head back to home base. Well, at least for Brook and the kids it does. As for me, I have the joy of working on Easter Sunday. So, I don't get to enjoy all the moments and good food. But it also means I don't have to deal with screaming kids, or cranky old people. Now I am sure that it will be a good Easter. But then again, every Easter is supposed to be a "good" Easter, but we all know how it usually turns out. I guess I will have to make it up to Brook tonight with a bubble bath and maybe a foot rub, as she will be the one who has to deal with everything today. Its funny, how I am the man of the house and family, but Brook is definitely the backbone. She deals with and handles more of the family matters than I do. She is half my size, but she definitely takes on more of the responsibilities and chores around the house and family. Like they say, "Behind every man....", and Brook is most assuredly a great woman.
   So, on this warm and sunny Easter day, I wish to thank Brook, for being the great mother, wife, and friend that she has always been to me and the kids. Maybe instead of remembering the religious aspects of Easter, we should all thank our mothers, and our wives, for being so strong and keeping us alive and happy. I say that, as 90 % of the time, it is our wives and mothers who arrange and manage the Easter festivities, not to mention all the things they do at every holiday, all year long. I suppose if it weren't for them, Easter would just be another Sunday.
So, from our family to yours, we would like to wish you all a HAPPY EASTER! And now its time to raid the kids' Easter baskets, and see what the Easter Bunny has left for us.

Friday, April 2, 2010

So many things, so little time!

   Well, what a busy few weeks this has been. Since the accident, the insurance company totaled our car out, since the cost of repairs was greater than the value of the car. So, we got a new car, which both Brook and I agreed on. I wont tell you what it is yet, but lets just say it does satisfy my midlife crisis, and it most definitely appeals to Brook. We will post a few pics soon, on another posting about the car itself. It is a great car, but we decided to do some custom work to it over the summer, so we are going to post the whole process from beginning to end. Being an artist, I love to, well, do artistic things. One of my many passions is customizing cars, especially the interiors. So we will have the project on here in due time.
   On another note, Brook and I started working new jobs. We had the fortunate opportunity to work together, so this should be fun. We wont be directly working side by side, but we are working for the same company. The economy has got things so screwed up, that we had to settle for the work we have, and put off the things we wanted to do for the time being. But like most parents, we feel we have to do, what we have to do, to make sure there is food on the table, and a roof over our heads. Our oldest, Joshua, is getting ready to switch schools, since he is living with us now. So we are home schooling him for the rest of the school year, because the school system out here is a pain in the ass, and wont switch schools until the next school year, since it is so late into this year. So, our only option was to home school til next year. Josh, has also started to learn another musical instrument, the acoustic guitar. He already plays the saxophone, drums, piano, and a few others. I think hes up to 7 different instruments now. He is great at art, so I assumed since I was an artist, that he would be one also. But it seems that his artistic talent is going to be in music, which I don't mind at all. As long as he becomes famous and takes care of daddy, lol. I told him, when he does, I don't want a mansion, just a 4  bed room house is fine, lol. Oh, and don't forget the 2010 or newer Chevy Camaro.
   Of course Easter is upon us as well. Which means the last minute scrabble to the wonderful world of Walmart, to stock up on processed sugars and suicidal amounts of chocolates. I think once a child hits a certain age, say the age when they realize the Easter Bunny isn't real, they shouldn't get Easter baskets any longer. Because damn it, candy gets more and more expensive every year. We remember when we were kids, you could get a huge chocolate bunny in a box, say a 12 inch one, for a dollar and some change. Now, you barely get a 6 inch bunny for 4 dollars. I suppose the war is to blame, or health care costs, as that seems to be the excuse for the rising prices on everything else. And of course Easter also means, Spring Break. A whole weeks of couped up kids cracked out on candy and chocolate.. Its funny, the older I get, and the more I go through stuff with the kids, the more I feel sorry for my mom. Now I know how she felt all those years of raising us. But with all the crazy things that go on, and hair pulling, and high blood pressure. There is also a lot of happiness. The joy of spending time with family, and doing things with the kids, and just plain bonding. We find its always a good idea to point out the good things that come from all the stress and preparing, not to mention all the running around. The good times spent with family makes it all worth it.
   So things have gotten better, and the fog looks like it is finally lifting off our heads. Spring is here, and that means, new life, fresh air, beautiful sunshine and warmth. When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. Then the kids drink it all up on you, and then you have to drive to the store just to get a drink. I wonder if you can get that Tropicana with vodka in it.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wreck on the Highway, so to speak!

Well, Saturday the 6th, was a day we wont forget to soon. We were out doing our weekly shopping for the house, and for 2 of our kids' birthday party. When we were exiting the store, we left in the usual manner, through the parking lot, and while we were driving down the lane to exit, a woman, in a red pick up truck came blasting through the parking lot. She was going through illegally, and faster than she should have been. She came around a big hill of snow, from the all the snow that was plowed, and she couldn't see us. So she went went in front of us. Obviously she couldn't see us due to the big snow hill, and she wasn't paying attention, or else she would've noticed our car coming down the lane. In any case, the inevitable happened, and we hit her blind side, on the driver side. Thankfully no one was seriously injured. In our car was me and Brook, and in her truck was her, and a baby. The baby was OK, and she appeared to be OK as well. Brook and I were not seriously injured, but we were pretty sore. The truck received damage to the door and body of truck just below the door. Our car, well, lets just say we didn't drive it all the way home, in fact we had to have a friend with a tow truck come and get it after a few blocks, as the motor was damaged heavily. So now, we play the waiting game, and wait for the insurance company to come out and look at the damager and either decide to fix the car, or give us a settlement check. I am hoping for the check, as the car was so damaged, that even if it were fixed, it will never run the same. The engine, as well as the tranny were damaged, and with those newer engines, they warp easy when hot. I noticed after the accident, how the engine was running terribly, and shaking really bad. So if they are gonna fix, they are going to put a new engine and transmission as well, or else this may have to go to court. I have to laugh, as I always see those lawyer commercials for accident victims, and now I may be one of those people. You know the ones, "I don't get paid unless you get paid". So hopefully this all works out in our favor, and we either get a new car or ours fixed the right way. You never realize how important your car is, until you lose it. Especially with us, as we use it for everything. From taking the kids to the doctors, to using it for work and school. We always said we need two cars, just for the simple fact if one of us uses one, the other will have one for emergencies or things of that nature. Well, I had wished that we did have another one now. So I hope the insurance company moves quickly on this, as we cant afford to be without a car for very long. This just goes to show you, that you never know when misfortune will fall upon you. I hope that everyone who reads this will learn from our mishap, and get that second car if you don't have one, and another thing to be learned from this, is that it doesn't matter how good of a driver you are, there are others out there who cant or don't know how to drive properly or defensively. But, even though we have had this happen. We are glad that no one was seriously hurt, and that we didn't have any of the kids with us.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Our First Post Together! "Kids & Social Networking Websites?"

   Tonite while we were going to bed, we starting talking about this blog and how easy it is for people to network online to meet people, dating, and even employment. We then realized that our oldest son, is a member of several "Social Networking" websites, such as Facebook and other sites. Trust us, theres quite a few. We then started thinking about the rules of some of these sites, as well as the hidden dangers, like pedifiles, identity thieves, and other nasty little people. Of course, most of the websites he uses are kid oriented, and these are usually the ones where you find the "Pervs", hiding out. But there are others like Facebook and MySpace, have age limits, and alot of kids these days alter the date of birth required for sign up. So it may say they are 16 or 18 years old, but in reality, these kids are as young as 10. This obviously poses all kinds of trouble just waiting to happen. So we decided to enforce some "Parental Law", and have him delete and/or close some, if not most of these accounts he has. Of course he wont be too happy, but oh well, his safety and our sanity, supersede any and all reasonable arguments he may have. But this rule will apply to all our children. So even if they dont have an account with any of these types of websites, they will be limited in the future, if and when they decide they want one.
   In this day and age, it is not safe to leave the kids alone in thier rooms. It used to be the most you had, was a TV, or at best a radio and/or some toys. But today they have computers, gaming consoles, cell phones, and internet. Everything they need to explore and communicate with the world. This is not to say that you should lock them up in the basement, or shelter them from the outside world or society, but rather stay in touch, and keep on top of them. Make sure they are using the internet properly and safely. Dont be afraid to ask to see thier cell phones and check texts and sent/recieved calls. Give them all the room they need to grow, but keep a watchful eye on the websites they visit, and the friends they associate with. As parents its our duty to make sure they grow up smart, and not just book smart, but common sense smart as well. Its too easy to get fooled on the internet and texting, its too anonymous. Anyone can pretend to be anyone they want, and its too easy for people to get in contact with others, especially if you belong to many social networking websites. We try to educate our kids about the world, and how its not always sunny, and not everyone is a friend or can be trusted. Its sad when you think about it, we want so much for our kids, we want a world where they all fit in, and where everyone cares about the guy next to him. But the truth is that this world can be hard, and things only get tougher as you go on. Which is why we always wish for our kids to be successful, so that they wont have to struggle or have to worry about the things we have had to. Its funny how something as simple as a blog, can turn into a childs future. Now I have to go find my son, so he can show me how to publish this to our blog!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

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Our Family

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From left to right, Joshua, Joel, Jaden, Brook, Jade, & Wilma (Brooks Mom)


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