Thursday, August 19, 2010

WTF America, Wake up and smell the Stench!

Why the fuck do we even bother!
   The STENCH, I am referring to, is the stink of immigrants that is festering in this country. I have for years, been  a supporter of stricter laws against immigration. I think today was the straw that broke my camels back. Like most Americans today, we are feeling the pinch of the horrible state our economy is in. With that in mind, we, like many Americans have had to resort to help from our state. By that I mean, Social Services, or to many, Welfare. We signed up for it many months back, and since then, most of the family has received medical cards, food assistance, and whatever else they could help us, which by the way wasn't much. Well, this again, was months ago, and I myself had not received my medical card, nor any word of it. So today we made the journey down to Social Services, and immediately I felt out of place. Why? Well for one, we were the only AMERICANS in there. Out of 100 people in there, we were the only white people. Not because there were alot of African Americans, but because it seemed that everyone in the waiting room was either Somalian or Mexican!!! Every sign on the wall was written in 3 different languages, and each counter had a sign for interpretation services available. Already my blood was boiling, I mean this help is supposed to be there for AMERICAN citizens in times of need, but yet there were no Americans there except for us. Fortunately our case worker was very helpful, for the most part, by informing us that most of these people didn't even hold citizenship. Now wait a minute, you mean to tell me, that most of these people don't even have citizenship,but yet here they are benefiting from our services? What the hell is going on? From what we were told, they not only get to live in our country tax free for so many years, but they also get free medical, free food stamps, free money every month, free housing, free schooling, and some of them even get SSI! What on earth are our leaders doing? How can they let this happen? And why are they wondering why our economy is in the shit house? Well isn't it obvious? Our economy is so bad, because we give our money and services away to immigrants. So WHY, is the big question I have. Why give them all this help, when for one, they don't believe in American values, they force their beliefs on us, most of them HATE, and I do mean HATE America, and Americans. We have illegal immigrants on national TV, stating they are illegal, and no one arrests them. There is no deportation, and no legal action taken against them at all! What I really cant understand, is how we, as Americans stand by and let this happen. Have we become so numb to all this or so scared of our own government, that we just sit back and watch it all down and let it happen. I know there are thousands if not millions of Americans that feel as I do, yet do nothing. We let criminals, terrorists, and those who wish to destroy our ways, come into this country and mock us, laugh at us, and abuse our way of life, and then just sit back and do NOTHING! What has happened to us, what has become of the American spirit. Why do we sit back, and watch these hateful, despicable, and disgusting immigrants come here and spit on us and our way of life. Have we as Americans become pussified? That's right, I said pussified
   I guess the really big question would be, what can I do about it and what can you do about it? Well for one, stop buying products from them, stop going to the little corner stores for cigarettes and drinks. Stop using cabs and use public transportation instead. Most important, is voice your beliefs, to your local congress, your local leaders. Vote for those who share your thoughts and values. You do realize we vote for our politicians, right? Instead of making the same mistake we did with Obama, use your head. Voting for someone because he is black, is just stupid. He made alot of promises he couldn't keep. We were fed lies, and we just ate it up. Stop voting for people who look good in a suit, or have the same religious beliefs as you. Start looking at track records, if you see someone has voted against things like, oh, i don't know, free money for immigrants, they are probably going to vote against it in the future. Its not racist to say fuck them. Its smart! We have enough problems of our own. We don't need more mouths to feed. Alot of Americans don't even realize the gravity of the situation. Most don't realize that they come here, illegally, have a baby here, then move back. Or the fact that they come here and work, and send all of the money home, because of the value of the American dollar. Or that they come here to got to college for free, then go back to their country to live and work, because the education system in their own country sucks. I say we have a military power for a reason, and we should use it. Want to know how much damage a  particular bomb does, use it on those bastards. Maybe if we did something of that nature, they wouldn't come here. Sure they might hate us, but how would that be any different than it is now? Lets see, if you have neighbor who you cant stand, in fact you hate them, you despise them. Would you go to a cook out at their house if you were invited? My guess is that your answer would be a big fucking hell no! So why would these people come here if they hate us so bad? Again, are you that ignorant? It is because of all the freebies they get. Of course I understand, if your are legal, you do have papers, then it is all good. But the truth is, we give these benefits to those who are not legal. What I don't understand is why? I feel as if those who help these illegals should be fired, and brought up on charges. Wouldn't that be the same as stealing form our government. I mean your taking money that is not yours, and giving it to someone who isn't even supposed to be here.
    I could go on and on, and get into more details about the facts, but hey, your reading this, which means you have Internet access, maybe you should use it to do some research, and see what is going on in this country of ours. Or is it theirs? I just done know anymore. I do want to share one more story with you. I feel it is a good example of how they abuse our system, and steal the food from your mouth and the mouths of your children. We went grocery shopping the other day, and as usual we were in line behind some Somalian bitch, with more food than we can eat in a year. When the total came up, it was over $600 in groceries, so it came time to pay, and when she opened her wallet up, she had more credit cards than I have ever seen in my life, I swear to you she had at least 20 credit cards. Visa, Master Card, Am ex, she even had a Diners club card, Sears, Walmart, the list went on. Not to mention, she had what appeared to be over $1000 in cash, so what does she pull out, you guessed right if you said a fucking Food Stamp Card. WTF???? It was all I could do to keep my mouth shut, which of course I didn't. I bitched and complained so loud, that she was shaking when she handed her card to the cashier. Why was she shaking? Not because of some illness, it was because she knew what I was saying was the truth. That she had all that cash, and all those cards, but yet she had a food stamp card, why, because she can, and she knew it. They all come here, get all this help, and then call the whole tribe back home and tell them how to fuck the system over. So they do, and who gets fucked, we all do, with higher taxes and over inflated prices. Canada is looking better and better all the time. Hell even Mexico is looking good now, since no one is there, because they are all fucking here!
   It is time we took a stand for what we believe in, to take stand against those who abuse our system, a stand against those who wish to destroy us and our way of life. For fucks sake, if you hate us so bad, then stay the fuck out!
   This is a link I found that has alot of information and news stories from around the country, about the same bullshit that I have talked about. It is really amazing to see the middle finger stuck up to us, when we say get out illegals! I thought it was very symbolic about how they feel about us. In any case, you should at least check it out, get informed, and then take stand, if not for yourself, then for your children, for your friends, for your country.
    I also want to say, that I am sorry if I offended you with my rant, unless your an immigrant, then in that case, GO FUCK YOURSELF, instead of fucking us!
   And by the way, I still don't have medical. Fucking immigrants!