Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter, or so we are told!

   Well Easter is upon us once more. Which for many, means Easter dinner with family and friends. For the rest of us, it means, screaming children wired on sugar and candies. It means over $100 worth of candy gone in 60 seconds. It means the cleaning of messes made by kids wound up on at least a pound sugar, that is contained in all the Easter goodies. It also means, that as the adults, we are responsible for getting dinner ready, cleaning up all the messes, and keeping all the kids wrangled up into one area, just to keep things sort of in control. Well, we all know the reality that is truly Easter.
   Luckily for us, today we will be going to a relatives house. So the cooking, the mess, and all the chaos, will be at someone else's house. Which means to us, that we can relax a little bit, and leave the hard work to someone else this year. It also means we can leave when we want to. So when things get to the point when there is too much craziness, we can pack up the troops and head back to home base. Well, at least for Brook and the kids it does. As for me, I have the joy of working on Easter Sunday. So, I don't get to enjoy all the moments and good food. But it also means I don't have to deal with screaming kids, or cranky old people. Now I am sure that it will be a good Easter. But then again, every Easter is supposed to be a "good" Easter, but we all know how it usually turns out. I guess I will have to make it up to Brook tonight with a bubble bath and maybe a foot rub, as she will be the one who has to deal with everything today. Its funny, how I am the man of the house and family, but Brook is definitely the backbone. She deals with and handles more of the family matters than I do. She is half my size, but she definitely takes on more of the responsibilities and chores around the house and family. Like they say, "Behind every man....", and Brook is most assuredly a great woman.
   So, on this warm and sunny Easter day, I wish to thank Brook, for being the great mother, wife, and friend that she has always been to me and the kids. Maybe instead of remembering the religious aspects of Easter, we should all thank our mothers, and our wives, for being so strong and keeping us alive and happy. I say that, as 90 % of the time, it is our wives and mothers who arrange and manage the Easter festivities, not to mention all the things they do at every holiday, all year long. I suppose if it weren't for them, Easter would just be another Sunday.
So, from our family to yours, we would like to wish you all a HAPPY EASTER! And now its time to raid the kids' Easter baskets, and see what the Easter Bunny has left for us.

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